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Landscaping Your New Home Is Fun! Ideas and Inspirations are here.

By Admin | Mar 15, 2016 at 11:40 am | 0 Comments |

Time has come that you spruce up your yard. The way you keep your landscape you live in, speaks a lot about you and to you too – in a way that none else does.

At times, we lack ideas. Nothing is new about that. From updating the front yard or the backyard and designing it with shrubberies to designing the gardens and the walkways, here, let’s talk about them all.

Here, we’ll get you covered.

While Designing It!

When the Flowers Blossom, The Home is More Welcoming

  • Greeting the guests with flowers is a great idea.

  • An elegant archway is with any of the flowers like – Bottle Brush, Flannel Flower, Wax Flower, Golden Wattle, Royal bluebell, Waratah, Sturt’s Desert Rose, Cooktown Orchid, and more.

  • You can opt for the dramatic effect choosing a colour of flowers that best complement the colour of your new home.

  • Planting rambling vines, also, turns your garden as one of the showiest.

While Building It Up!

  • No matter how creative you want to turn the landscape, the most you avoid interfering with the building’s foundations and the footing system, the lesser are the chances of falling into trouble.

  • The drainage system should be adequate. Building up garden beds and inadequate drainage system at the same time can create trouble. Once you will water the garden beds, with inadequate drainage, the foundations will get moistened.

  • A landscape architect and even the New Home Builders Melbourne can give you the best advice about the preferable distance between the large shrubs and the trees from the house. In a word, the normal rule suggests that he root system is likely to stretch away from its trunk as far as the height of the shrub or the tree in question.

  • Level the pathways in a way that the water does not in any way fall alongside the building. Again, proper drainage is necessary for the foundations not to be moistened.

As earlier mentioned, getting things right with building a landscape without harming the foundations and footing system of your new home is best done with the help of a landscape architect or the New Home Builders Melbourne. Do not hesitate to contact them.

It’s too nice out! Probably, it’s time that you garden!

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