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Impact of Globalisation over Different Housing Styles and Forms

By Admin | Apr 9, 2015 at 10:40 am | 0 Comments |

In the late 1950s, ever since the steel containers first came into account of shipping, Global commerce has affected in slew ways.

According to World Shipping Council, the industry group, there are more than 17 million shipping containers are currently in use around the whole world.

These 3,600 Kilograms Cor-Ten Steel containers can be stacked up to seven units high. These come in 20, 40, 45, and 53 feet length sizes. Instead of using as a transporting container, these containers are now started using for buildings.

Many multi-unit code approved housing from the recycled containers has been built by a home builders of Cranbourne, Melbourne, etc. in Australia but the major developers are from America.

NovaDeko, an Australian Builder, approached in a different way by constructing factory-building modular homes to 2.4 or 3.4 metres wide containers. This approach allows them to transport their finished homes anywhere via ship ways, making great use of global shipping infrastructure.

The company can build new pre-fabricated homes more cheaper than re-using the shipping containers.” said Matt Cherishov, Marengo Stucture’s Australian National Manger.

He further added, “We build homes from steels, that was once a car, old container, or an old steel building, at a rate i.e. Cheaper than buying second hand containers.

Cherishnov noted, “Factory made homes offers potential advantages over site-built homes.”


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