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If You Never Thought the Benefits of Being a First Home Buyer This Is For You!

By Admin | Mar 21, 2016 at 6:02 am | 0 Comments |

You must be looking around for the benefits of being a first homebuyer. And you bet, there are a bunch of them you should know.

While most of us may not consider the state and territory governments having a number of steps and initiatives in reserve for the sake of the first homebuyers and the industry in question – the construction industry; you should know that the situation has changed.

As the time has passed, the initiatives are increasing in number. Do you know how?

What’s in the big picture?

Well, the reports even say that the some of the developers of the lot may also include incentives for the new buyers. The scenario gets more divine when, being told, the incentives may include furniture packages, some form of assistance and further discounts too.

The lures do not end there.

While the incentives offered by some of the developers is something to be happy about, it’s not the only thing for the same. Here-here, we are talking about the greatest pleasure the government grant will bring along with it and that is – in some situations and as per certain circumstances, the funds for purchasing may amount up to thousands of dollars.

Other benefits of first home buying

Well, apart the aforementioned benefits and lures that a first homebuyer can get as per the government grants, there is still more to be added to the list.

Know them here-

  • As a first homebuyer, you may get reduced amount of the stamp duty.
  • Also, you may get reduced amount of other savings too.

Notably, these grants do regularly change. Remember that the finer the details, the greater they vary from state to state. The more attention you will pay to the scheduled dates for the reductions or any increases in the available grants and the concessions, the greater it pays dividends.

However, it’s to be kept in mind that not all the buyers would be eligible for these grants.

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Happy Saving!

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