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Everything You Need to Know About Stage Construction Inspections of a New Home

By Admin | Oct 27, 2015 at 12:27 pm | 0 Comments |

How about ending up with a rejected occupation certificate? Merely giving it a thought is a nightmare. However, PCA would not consider overseeing the defects that might have occurred during the building process of your home. Moreover, you might already be aware that an existing home gets to undergo an evaluation process before any further submission of a purchase offer.

The same way a new home is meant to go through a stage construction inspection too. This eventually means that you need to hire a professional building inspector who will help you with evaluating all the defects and make sure that you, as the risk seeker and owner of the property, do not get indulged in any legal disputes while a Principle Certification Authority will consider the occupation certificate of your new home.

Understand How Each Stage of the Building Inspection Actually Entails-

  • The report gets started by the inspection of the slab. The focus is always put on this inspection; only when the slab is poured and allowed to completely dry.

  • Second check-in is of the framing of the wall and the roof. Once you know you’re done with the inspection of the dried slab, its dimensions and the plumbing, the next step of inspecting incorporates the framing of the wall and the roof. This way the builder and the inspector can comply with the recent plans of the roofs so that the walls and the roof frame conforms.

  • Inspection of the slab is done, framing of the wall and the roof is done. Now, it’s the time for the pre-lining or the lock-up stage. The wall and the ceiling coverings are yet to be added. Eventually, by this time the building inspection gets up to the stage, which focusses on guaranteeing a quality workmanship throughout the home-building process.

  • The final stage is about the pre-handover. There is a final bid between the process of finally accomplishing the building and handing over the keys of the property to the owner. It’s called the final stage of building inspection or the pre-handover. So, once the inspection is done the work is completed acceptably, the finishing components are made sure to be installed accurately.

Each stage of the building inspection is important. After all, there are certain standards to be met since it’s about the building process of your dream home! Happy Building!

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