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Buying a Property is the New Year Resolution of Majority of Aussies

By Admin | Dec 31, 2015 at 10:29 am | 0 Comments |

A survey has been done by that shows the majority of Aussies are planning and saving to invest in a property this coming year.

News Ltd has reported, that saving for an investment property and selling to upgrade to a bigger home were the two most common property resolutions for the New Year.

It was noted form the survey that, around 46 per cent of Aussies responded that they are still saving for their bigger investment, whereas 15 per cent responded that they have done with the savings to make a purchase.

Majority was found among the Victoria residents, 19 per cent of which were saving for residential investment property. Tasmanians, meanwhile, were the most eager to upgrade in 2016. executive general manager Andrew Rechtman told News Ltd that, “The slowdown in property transactions over the holiday period didn’t mean property was out of mind for many Australians”.

He further added, “While people can often take time out from transacting in property over the Christmas and January period, lots of people use the time to take stock, reset their goals and get organised for when the property market picks up again around Australia Day”.

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