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Boral Roofing on Melbourne Townhouses Using Unglazed Tiles

By Admin | Apr 2, 2015 at 11:45 am | 0 Comments |

A creative Boral roof top design on two townhouses in Melbourne featuring unglazed tiles of terracotta shingles are now become the popular stuff among the local people and increasing sales for Boral roofing architectures.

These beautiful townhouses are located in Canterbury. A prestigious suburb of east Melbourne. These are designed and built by Phillip Mannerheim, the architect and Brian Lee, a master Aussie builder. The refined curved roof top in Boral unglazed terracotta shingle tiles became the highlight of the design that made this design a finalist in the Roof Tile Excellence Category of the Thick Brick Australia Awards.

Given a very short timeframe for completion, they were able to achieve the skill and precision required for installation, and the results met their expectations. According to Mannerheim, the cost savings were very pleasing while the sale price was a positive reflection of the design.

Architect Phillip Mannerheim explained, “The curved roof with the flat shingle was aesthetically appealing and cost-effective so that anyone could make a bad credit home purchase for this kind of house. But the main challenge for us was to discover a design that could mix up with neighbour and can get approval from council. We, me and Brian Lee, were confident about it that Boral roofing will also work on the curved designs.”

Even with a very short time period, they were able to attain the skills and accuracy required for installation, and the outcomes met their expectations.

According the Phillip, “The cost savings are very pleasing while the sale price is a positive impression of the design itself.

Builder Brian Lee favoured Phillip and added, “Boral terracotta shingle tiles are specified on style, function, and price factors and further, the use of these roof tiles made it possible to finish the project on right time within budget.”

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