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Australian Housing Investors in a Great Confusion

By Admin | Nov 19, 2015 at 11:33 am | 0 Comments |

As per the new survey done by banking research and consulting firm Digital Financial Analytics, the majority of housing investors is now decreasing.

This month survey shows that, only 58 per cent investors believe housing prices to get boosted in the next twelve months, whereas others are against it. This percentage was 83 per cent in the month of September.

DFA’s principal Martin North said, “House price expectations are on the turn, with investors, those eternal optimists, now more uncertain about future capital appreciation. All market segments, including home owners and first home buyers, are less inclined to expect rising prices but it’s investors who are “in the headlights. Such large changes over just a couple of months are unusual”.

If we talk about the proportions of housing market transactions, that include buying, selling and refinancing, then they also got dropped. CoreLogic RP Data released on Thursday, also rely on these figures.

CoreLogic RP Data figures show, “Despite a fall of four per cent in new listings in the capital cities, the total number still listed has barely budged, dipping only one per cent”.

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