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3 Little Known Reasons to Invest your Pension in Property

By Admin | Jul 27, 2015 at 1:07 pm | 0 Comments |

Are you aware of the fact that instead of opting the traditional pension linked to stock market, you can opt for self-invested personal pension and take an utter control of your pension yourself? Unfortunately, most of the people are negligent of the fact that their traditional pension fund can be invested in an array of different asset classes other than the stock market. Probably a few investors are already acquainted and comfortably used to invest their pension fund on property but not everyone is familiar and comfortable with the risks involved with it. Though, investing on property by opting for self-invested personal pension instead of stock market-linked pension fund has its own type of advantages and valid reasons.

Here are 3 little known reasons to invest your pension in property:

#1 You Get an Alternative to the Unstable and Under performing Stock Market

You know that stock market is infamous for not performing as well as it’s supposed to perform and that is something which causes you loss because traditional pensions are time and again linked to stock market, in spades. If you want to avoid the instability of the stock market equity, investing on property is rather a far better alternative of generating revenue.

#2 You Get a Better Option for Income and Growth

To begin with income, you can invest your pension on property and collect a legitimate and regular income from a tenant. Further, you can not only get a regular income but also achieve a notable capital growth on such investment.

#3 You Get More of Your Pension Pot

You should know that getting your investments managed by the pension funds is not for free. In fact, they charge a significant fees which does not let you enjoy whole of your pension. But if you invest your pension on property and take an utter control on it then you can surely avoid these charges.

If you consider the reasons listed here, there are reasonable ‘you gets’. So, investing your pension on a property does surely make sense. Don’t worry if you have a bad credit score because Aussie Builders can provide you with affordable home and land packages in Melbourne by offering you home buying options for bad credit either.

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